• Pesto Chicken Crisp
    Pesto Chicken Crisp

    Grilled chicken patty served on toasted whole

    wheat bun with tasty pesto sauce,  certified organic

    alfalfa sprouts and vibrant basil leaf.

  • Veggie Burger
    Veggie Burger Delight

    Grilled veggie burger topped with trimmed

    avocado and a mild red sauce and

    certified organic radish sprouts. 

  • Chicken On The Ranch
    Chicken On The Green

    Grilled chicken breast nestled on a patch of green leafy

    lettuce, topped with certified organic clover sprouts, 

    with melted marble colby jack on a tasty whole wheat bun. 

  • Pepper Jack Chicken Melt

    Grilled chicken breast with melted pepper jack cheese,

    avocado, certified organic sprouts on a

    delicious whole wheat oat bun.

  • Polynesian Picnic Burger

    Sweet grilled pineapple on an all beef burger,

    with certified organic sprouts, avocado, and

    mozzarella drizzled with polynesian sauce.   

  • Catch Of The Day
    Catch Of The Day

    Hot breaded fish sandwich, drizzled with creamy tartar

    sauce and topped with salted slices of cucumber

    and certified organic sprouted alfalfa.

  • Onion Crispy Melt
    Crispy Onion Melt

    All beef sizzling patty, draped with melted provolone cheese,

    over onion crispies and chopped green chilies....

    topped with certified organic alfalfa sprouts. 

  • Chipotle Cheddar Burger

    Grilled chipotle chicken burger dipped in onion

    marinade and smothered in certified organic

    clover sprouts and cilantro accents.

  • Grilled Tofu On Sesame

    Grilled tofu on a whole wheat sesame seed bun,

    slathered with mayo and slices of avocado

    and a dash of certified organic sprouts.

  • Alfy's Roast Beef Ciabatta

    Roast beef slices with plentiful certified organic alfalfa

    sprouts, olives, mayonnaise, and avocado on

    toasted ciabatta bread. 

  • Cold Cut Clover Combo

    Deli-style cold cuts topped with certified organic clover

    sprouts and 'maters salted to perfection.

    Add pickles and mayo. 

  • Smoked Salmon Alfalfa Crest

    Whole wheat bread with cream cheese, avocado,

    smoked salmon topped with certified organic sprouts.

  • Bagel Cream Basil Dream

    Your favorite bagel, toasted with cream cheese and

    loaded with certified organic alfalfa sprouts and tender young lettuce.

  • Avocado Mango Dance

    Mango meets avocado on toasted whole wheat bread,

    special sauce and sweet certified organic clover sprouts.

  • Avocado Cheddar

    Certified organic alfalfa sprouts mounded over avocado slices

    with cheddar cheese, mayo and lettuce.

  • Smoked Chicken Gouda

    Smoked chicken slices topped with gouda cheese,

    avocado, mayonnaise andcertified organic

    sprouts on whole wheat oat bread.

  • White Cheddar Cucumber Crunch

    White cheddar slices, sweet certified organic

    clover sprouts, cucumber slices and green

    bell peppers with creamy ranch dressing sauce.

  • Toasted Tuna Tapatio

    Toasted bread with a liberal spread of tuna, 

    certified organic sprouts and a touch of tapatio.

  • Spinach Greek Salad

    Delicious tender spinach nestled under feta cheese,

    purple onions and kalamata olives, with certified

    organic alfalfa sprouts crowning the top. 

  • Candied Nuts and Strawberried Greens

    Fresh salad mix topped with candied nuts and slices of strawberries

    amidst fresh sweet certified organic clover sprouts. 

  • Greek Wrap

    Whole wheat wrap stuffed with cucumbers, kalamata olives,

    lettuce and certified organic sprouts and greek dressing.

  • Orient Orange Sprout Salad

    Spring greens topped with juicy orange wedges and sweet certified organic clover sprouts.

    Drizzled with sweet oriental vinegrette dressing. 

  • Red Apple Clover

    Delicious apple spears mixed with tasty sweet certified organic clover sprouts

    and a sweet vinaigrette dressing. 

  • Sliced Waldorf

    Walnuts and apples, sliced to perfection - waldorf style - topped with certified organic clover sprouts. 

  • Green Garden Salad

    Chopped lettuce mixed greens mixed with avocado chunks, carrots,

    cherry tomatoes and certified organic sprouts.

    Sprinkled with a zesty burst of lime juice. 

  • Sprout Chef Salad

    Forget the lettuce...use a hearty portion of 

    certified organic sprouts to begin your chef salad.

    Add your favorite toppings to create your masterpiece.

  • Alfalfa Mung Salad

    Lettuce leaf salad cradling a generous portion of certified organic alfalfa sprouts

    and topped by mung bean sprouts. 

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